Thursday, October 27, 2011


Cinderella Ate my Daughter
By Peggy Orenstein
Extended Comments

                    I read the piece and found her initial information regarding the princess culture fascinating. I never noticed things like they aren't looking at each other in any pictures and that Mulan was never portrayed in her battle gear. But I do agree with both Taylor and Sheila's posts. Taylor seems to be saying that parents do crazy things to help their girls or actually force their girls to conform to the princess culture. Pageants, dance classes, shopping sprees for clothes, it is all training our girls to do believe that looks are the most valued traits in a female. Sheila also expresses her concern for how the movies are interpreted. As parents if we teach our girls that movies are movies, just like we aim to teach our kids that video game violence is not real violence and reality and pretend are very different. If parents teach their girls that while this princess life seems perfect at the moment, it isn't realistic. Take the time to teach the girls that hard work, education, and standing fro what you believe in is really living in reality. It is ok to dream if you know the difference between a day dream and a goal. Ladies, I hope I didn't butcher your posts. They were both great.
                  I would like to know how the males in the class see these films.

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