Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Post 3

So I am sitting here getting ready for my 11am class and watching The Today Show. They are discussing the fashion trends for the up coming season. The woman (no idea who she is) discussing the trends states that we will start to see lots of "lady like" trends. What does that mean? Are my jeans not lady like? What is lady like? This class is killing me. I look at the world in a different light now. Thanks professor. lol. Ok my rant is over. Have a good day everyone

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talking Point 3 People like us

People like us/ The Center for working Class

     So who would have thought that missing one class would make me feel so lost and confused. I watched the clips from People like us, they just reinforced the idea that class exist on many different levels and they all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. The lower class has little to call their own but people don't expect much of them. The upper class have everything and yet they tend to be lonely and miserable. This is of course just my own opinion on the way classes work. Regardless, classes exists and continue to be a problem when discussing equality.
     I liked the resources that both websites had to offer. I found the teaching resources helpful. They gave clean cut explanations of the purpose of the websites and the information that is provided on the sites. They provide more resources to explore the subject of class further.
     The clips reminded me of the piece we read by Johnson, Privilege, Power, and Difference , because they both talk about classes. Johnson talks about one class being responsible for holding another class back. The clips show how people see other classes and pass judgement on them without even knowing them personally. So regardless of ability, one's class leads to oppression. It also reinforced the idea behind the class project that we did using SCWAAMP. The group activity made me realize that we judge people and place them into classes without realizing it and these classes affect our life course.
      Class is a feminist issue because females are dealt a double wammy or more than double depending on other factors (according to Johnson) such as race and sexual orientation because we are oppressed because we are both female and placed in a lower class because we are not allowed to earn the same income as our male counter parts. So a female middle class white female is oppressed by an upper class white male because she is not only lower class but also female. I feel like this is a lot of rambling but all our discussions are started to line up in my head as making more more sense as we go. I found this article that explains all about women being second class workers. It was informative and anger provoking for me.