Friday, November 18, 2011

Different Type of Class

So class was different. When we were first told there would be guest speakers I was looking forward to the change in pace. But I never imagined class would have been THAT different. To be honest I was a little intimidated at first. Especially when we did the snowball game. It was stressed that the "safe space" was a judgement free zone. But it was anything but during that game. Each person is entitled to their own interpretation of the word "Sex" but yet when they wrote their answer, they were challenged by the speakers. I found myself actually getting nervous when they read my answer because I was concerned it was going to be questioned (thankfully it was not). The shuffle activity we did when we walked across the class made me a little uncomfortable at first but I quickly realized that I am a grown adult and should not hide my strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and pleasures. The eye contact part was a little much at first but once I stopped looking at it as "people are judging me" and more as "I have allies" in this aspect of my life it became more of a comfort than a scare tactic. By the end of the class I understood what the speakers were trying to convey in their activities and power point presentation. Open mindedness, acceptance of people, and being proud of what of you believe in. I am glad we had this "different" class.


  1. I thought it was a great class too. Definitely different, but great. Glad you felt comfortable, people are going to judge you in areas whether they are good or bad. You just don't have to let it get to you :)

  2. I agree! I felt nervous doing some of the activities too but really grew more and more comfortable as people were so respectful and kind to one another. Thanks for being so open to it all!