Monday, December 5, 2011

Talking Point 9 - Scanlon

Talking Point 9
Sexy From the Start: Anticipatory Elements of Second Wave Feminsim
Jennifer Scanlon
               This very lengthy piece talks in great detail the issues that third wave feminist have with second wave feminist. I am not sure there is a way to say who exactly is a second wave feminist and who has moved on to the third wave but either conflicts have arisen. Scanlon tells the stories of women who disagree on what makes a good feminist. One school of thought is that women must remain plain clothed and strong minded to make a difference and the other school of thought is that regardless of what a female wears she can still make a difference. I felt very conflicted when reading this because I can totally see both sides of the story. I myself only wear make up when I go out for the night. I never wear make up to work and I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday. This piece made me think so I started googling and I came up with so many sites that talk about this very topic and how it relates to world today. Scanlon refers to femenist like Brown, as a ipstick feminist. I found a site dedicated to discussing the implications of this term,
           Naomi Wolf wrote a book about third wave feminism and what she hopes to see come out of their actions. She wrote the book in hopes of stirring up awareness in the younger generation:

She gives some of the credit to Rebecca Walker for stirring the pot in 1992.
I say it shouldn't matter how we look or how we dress. If we want to stand up and fight for a cause we should have that right and our outcome should in no way be determined by our outwardly appearance. I am sorry that this post was late. It was a rough week for that week and I didn't even realize I had missed the post.

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